[PalWorld] Fast Level up Guide

Fast Level Up to Max Level
Fast Level Up to Max Level

Fast Level up Guide

In Palworld, the means of leveling up include gathering, hunting, combat, and capturing.

Gathering involves striking trees, ores, and other objects to obtain various resources. While gathering provides decent exp in the early stages, it is not the primary method for leveling up beyond a certain point.

Hunting involves attacking Pals to reduce their HP to zero and gain experience points. This method doesn’t require the consumption of Spheres, allowing players to save resources. It also allows for a quick transition to the next Pal without the time constraints associated with capturing.

Capturing provides over double the experience points compared to hunting. It gives twice the experience points as hunting, and up to 10 captures include a capturing bonus, resulting in approximately 3 to 4 times the experience points compared to hunting. Capturing remains effective even beyond capturing 10 Pals, as it continues to provide double the experience points.

Capture Bonus Exp

Capturing bonus experience is extremely helpful for leveling up. Bonus experience is added based on the number of Pals captured.

The experience gained from capturing bonus experience is significant, so capturing 10 Pals in each region ensures that you won’t be lacking in levels.

If you need to level up after reaching a high level, it is more effective to capture low-level Pals in sets of 10 rather than hunting them individually.

The maximum level in Palworld is level 50. Once you reach level 50, you won’t gain any more levels.

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