[Palworld] How to Attack

Pal Chikipi
Pal Chikipi

How to Attack

When you first start in Palworld, your character doesn’t have anything equipped. When encountering a Pal for the first time, clicking the mouse to attack may result in the character flinching without actually attacking. There are two solutions to this issue:

1. Hold down the mouse button.
2. Craft a weapon, equip it, and then click.

In Palworld, the keys for attacking without a weapon and attacking with a weapon are different, causing confusion. You can either hold down the mouse button to attack or craft a weapon, equip it, and click to attack.

To craft a weapon, press the Tab key, go to the Crafting tab at the top, and click on the Primitive Workbench to unlock it. When unlocking, include the Wooden Club.

After that, press the B key, click on the Primitive Workbench, and press the left mouse button at the desired location. Hold down the F key to complete the creation when a slightly blue workbench is formed.

Next, press F on the Primitive Workbench, click on the wooden club, press the production start button, hold down F to craft, and press F again to equip the crafted weapon.

Now, you can click on a Pal to attack.

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