[Palworld] All Elemental Type Chart

All Elemental Type Chart In Palworld, there are a total of 9 elemental types, each with strengths and weaknesses against other types. Utilizing these types strategically can create favorable situations in battles. The elemental type chart is as follows. Element Strength Weak Water Fire Electric Fire Grass, Ice Water Grass Ground Fire Ground Electric Grass … Read more

[Palworld] How to Attack

How to Attack When you first start in Palworld, your character doesn’t have anything equipped. When encountering a Pal for the first time, clicking the mouse to attack may result in the character flinching without actually attacking. There are two solutions to this issue: 1. Hold down the mouse button.2. Craft a weapon, equip it, … Read more

[Palworld] How to Remove WANTED without Dying

How to Remove WANTED without Dying When attacking NPCs or entering the Wildlife Sanctuary, it triggers the “Criminal Activity Underway” status. Encountering PIDF Infantry during the “Criminal Activity Underway” status turns you into a WANTED target, prompting PIDF Infantry to initiate an attack. Attacking PIDF Infantry adds an “Assault” status, and killing PIDF Infantry brings … Read more

[Palworld] All-in-One Complete Tips & Guide

All-in-One Complete Tips & Guide Palworld is currently a popular game that many people enjoy. To enhance your gameplay at a high level, there are some useful tips and guides. By following these, you can enjoy the game more efficiently and build an outstanding experience. Battle Elements : [Palworld] All Elemental Type Chart Equipment Cold … Read more

[Palworld] Locations of All Journals & Diaries

Locations of All Journals & Diaries Journals & Diaries are everywhere in Palworld. By gathering these scattered writings, players can learn about the story of Palworld and understand the world. Collecting the Diaries of Tower Bosses also helps players see how each group of Pals behaves. Locations of Castaway’s Journals Castaway’s Journal – Day XX … Read more

[Palworld] Locations of Marcus Dryden’s Diaries

Locations of Marcus Dryden’s Diaries Marcus Dryden is the tower boss that the player can encounter and fight. He is also known as the Desert Boss, and he uses a giant robot called Faleris to attack the player and their Pals. He is located on the top of a tower in the desert region. Marcus … Read more

[Palworld] Locations of Lily Everhart’s Diaries

Locations of Lily Everhart’s Diaries Lily Everhart is the founder and leader of the Free Pal Alliance, a faction that opposes the exploitation and abuse of Pals by humans. She is a passionate and charismatic woman who believes in the coexistence and harmony of all living beings. She is also a skilled Pal trainer and … Read more

[Palworld] Locations of Zoe Rayne’s Diaries

Locations of Zoe Rayne’s Diaries Zoe Rayne is the leader of the Rayne Syndicate, a criminal organization that operates in Palworld. She is the first Tower Boss that the player can challenge in the game. She fights using her Grizzbolt, a powerful Electric-type Pal that can shoot lasers and missiles. Zoe Rayne’s Diary – 1 … Read more