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palworld Best Effective Stats
Effective Stats

Stats Reset

Currently, Palworld has a bug where resetting stats also resets the Capture Power boosted with Lifmunk Effigy. This bug renders the reset Capture Power irrecoverable, making it crucial to carefully allocate stats from the beginning.

The development team is aware of the stat reset bug and plans to address the issue where Capture Power gets reset.

Even without the bug, if you wish to reset stats, you need to use the Electric Medicine Workbench, which becomes available at level 43. The required materials include 99 Beautiful Flowers, 50 Horns, 50 Bones, and 50 Pal Fluids to craft Memory Wiping Medicine.

By level 43, many players have experienced a significant portion of Palworld’s content, and resetting stats may not be necessary for most players.

Best Effective Stats

The recommended stat allocation method is to invest in Stamina, Work Speed, and Weight in a 1:1:1 ratio.

Once Stamina exceeds 200, it’s advised to allocate Work Speed and Weight in a 1:1 ratio.

While HP is efficient in the early game, its effectiveness diminishes as damage taken decreases with higher-level armor. However, for players with less expertise, it can significantly reduce the likelihood of death during boss battles.

Attack is not recommended due to its low efficiency. While investing 1 point increases damage by 2%, the diminishing returns make it less efficient compared to allocating points into other stats.

The amount of stat increase per 1 point

  • HP – 100
  • Stamina – 10
  • Attack – 2
  • Work Speed – 50
  • Weight – 50

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